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Assorted Poems is a generous selection from the first four books by one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary poetry. In Bag o Diamonds (1993), Smokes (1998), Source Codes (2001), and Ledger (2005), Susan Wheeler has established herself as a poet of rare gifts. Her work is allusive and searching, sweeping over time and place, from the art of the northern Renaissance to corporate logos, observing and exploring everything with characteristic precision and intelligence. The poems are both rigorous and free, taking on our culture, its beauties and cruelties, its relationship to the past and its uncertain future. Assorted Poems is a vibrantly thoughtful and entertaining book, a mustread from a poet whom Harold Bloom has called an exuberant, subtle, endlessly inventive original.
Record Palace is an astonishment. Susan Wheeler's deft touch and flawless ear have produced an irresistable work, both fresh and sage. - Toni Morrison
"Susan Wheeler's narrative glamour finds occasions in unlikely places: hardware stores, Herodotus, Hollywood Squares, Flemish paintings, green stamps, and echoes of archaic and cyber speech. What at first seems cacophonous comes in the end to seem invested with a mournful dignity: that of 'the jangling discourse of our nation.' Ledger is a treasure map for those willing to understand the journey." - John Ashbery
A "project" book of poetry, interspersing Susan Wheeler's informal collages with poems
Susan Wheeler's second collection of poetry, with an afterword by U.S. poet laureate Robert Hass.


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Hi, Susan! Russian designer Ekaterina Meshkova actively using your illustration. Meshkova translates them into patterns for crossstitching and then sells. In total she has 7 patterns on sale. Meshkova says that you gave her permission to use the illustrations. Is this true?

I hope this message finds you well. I work at the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) and I'm looking to get in touch with you about the 30th anniversary of our fellowship program. Would you mind sharing tour email with me so I can clue you in on events to come? I can be reached at!


I was cleaning up stuff in my parent's house and found a recent-ish New Yorker June 27, 2011 and flipped through and found your poem "From "The Split" . I knew Lorraine. She lived down the road from my family. I'm just saying bye to my Dad, (mom a long time ago), Bye aunt and uncle across the street. Bye Moore Road.

El Leon Liteary Arts ( is bringing out the late Norma Farber's Year of Reversible Loss, prepublication praise from Robert Pinsky and Terese Svoboda, among others. I'd like to send you a copy.
Thomas Farber, Publisher,

Susan Wheeler,
Thank you for visiting Nebraska Wesleyan University, where I currently attend. Learning about great works in poetry and having the opportunity to meet the author is an experience that I will not soon forget.

I wondering if you where a girl that was popular or a person that was independent? why did you want to be a poet? by the way you poems are amazing.

I have no idea what this is but it popped up as I wss googling like crazy to try and find a way to contact Susan Wheeler to request and interview. I publishing editor of Oak Bend Review. Recent interviews have included: Gregory Orr Christian Wiman Timothy Green and forthcoming are Jack Myers and Katha Pollitt. Please please contact me at if you are the poet Susan Wheeler and see this. I admire your work,

Hi, I'm Shira. I'm in a class with Rebecca Reilly. She say, "read this." I read this but there is no this, only that. Where is this?

Dear Susan, James Reiss suggested I contact you and this seems to be the only way to find you easily. I write a public radio "comic strip" called 11 Central Ave which airs around the country during Morning Edition. Both Rick Moody and James Reiss have written episodes for my "writers write 11 Central Ave" series and I wondered if you might be interested in writing an episode. (they're three minutes long) You can contact me at Thanks...Sue Shepherd